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The Essential Academy was founded back in June of 2020 right at the beginning of the global lockdown when the pandemic started. We are a not-for-profit, private educational community that is Invitational only.

We've been built to help serve the coach's healers therapists and experts from around the world that are here to shine their light even brighter and have their message spread even farther!

All of our efforts are focused on increasing the impact of our Instructors. We offer several services to do this -
from Appointment Booking to Event Production and Promotion, yet the secret sauce lies in our proprietary process and use of multiple AI technologies combined with the most incredibly skilled team to create a truly one-of-a-kind experience for both our Instructors and their Students! Our Instructors are able to impact their audiences several times above the industry standard for open and click rates - so engagement is paramount.

What drove us initially, was a desire to have a Done-For-You solution, so that the technology and all the online marketing buzz would not constantly interfere with people and distract them with shiny object syndrome!

We wanted to focus on the two things that would drive the needle in an online business more than anything else - Qualified booked appointments direct to your calendar without changing anything else that you're currently doing online. And putting butts in seats at your events to ensure their success! That's it, that's all; we focus on what's Essential to your success, hence the name.

So we focused on being BETTER than any other paid-ads or marketing service could be, first and foremost.

Then we wanted to make sure that we could truly move at the speed of our Instructors' businesses, so we had to be several times FASTER than what the industry standard says average marketing campaigns need to run. No more several months to see if things are working, now we can see results in several days and have campaigns run for several weeks at a time; only after proven successful. No more long-term commitment and fingers crossed efforts to see if things are working!

And just as important, since we are not-for-profit, our prices are a fraction of the price than anyone else would pay in any other media marketing agency online, so we're also CHEAPER than the competition - that's why we handpick the people that we work with to ensure our quality and success is taylor-made specifically to your needs.

If we can increase the impact of your message, globally and that is something of interest to you, then we should speak!

Founder and Director of The Essential Academy

Natan Verkhovsky

International Market Leader - Energy Coach to Elite Performers - Founder of The Essential Academy

Our Founder and CEO, Natan Verkhovsky, M.Ht., is an elite Energy Coach to Peak Performers for more than 3 decades. He's been a Martial Artist for more than 4 decades, and a 2X best-selling author on Energy Activation Levels and how to control them.

He's worked with Olympic level athletes and has advised scores of entrepreneurs on best practices for scaling their business - from tightening their "elevator pitch" to sparking opportunities for JV partnerships & helping socially conscious experts widen their offerings.

* Presented concepts to the highest Level 4 and Level 5 National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP)

*Certified Medical Hypnotherapist since 1997 with more than 15,000 practitioners learning the concepts found here

*Presented concepts found here to Athletes CAN representing every Olympic Sport in Canada

*Course Creator - Personal Mastery: Controlling Your Activation Levels, The Limitless Program, Effortless Mastery: Getting to 10/10

*Author, Personal Momentum: Secrets of Self Transformation -30 Day Change For Life Program and Workbook - and Moments of Power: Quotes from The Wall of Wisdom

Born in the former USSR and immigrating to Calgary, Alberta Canada, with his family as a
small child he started a more than 40 year journey into the Martial Arts.

From 15 to 16 years of age, he started and rose to be ranked #1 in his division, in Alberta, in the sport of Power Tumbling. He continued to use his Mental Training skills and pursued his education in Medical Hypnotherapy under the tutelage of Dr. Michael Preston, Director of the Institute of Medical Hypnotherapy, in Phoenix, Arizona, USA.

Becoming certified in his early 20's, Natan started working as a Mental Training Specialist and developed his core program, Personal Momentum, while doing Mental Training with Team 2000 Men's Gymnastics Teammates and artists and elite athletes from Cirque du Soleil.

Since then, he's adapted 23 Mental, Physical and Emotional Drills and Exercises to help Peak Performers in all disciplines and walks of life.

Working with the most successful and challenging individuals and groups, and giving concrete, actionable items is what separates Natan Verkhovsky from others.

He offers two things needed for your change to be truly transformational: Accountability and Transformational Tools.

You can reach out to him directly at: [email protected]

Co-Founder and COO of The Essential Academy

Carolyn Raymond

Subtle Energy Guide - Co-Founder & COO of The Essential Academy

As a Subtle Energy Guide and creator of the AMBR™ program, Carolyn helps others activate their ENERGY Blueprint – to feel lighter, think clearer, and tap easier into their heart space.

She created the Accelerated Mind Body Relaxation Program, or AMBR™ for short, so that you can easily get your energy flowing again and feel more balance and bliss!Years of drama, trauma, and stuck energy will be immediately released, just like that, and stay released! You will be able to TAP in to your ENERGETIC Blueprint to TURN UP your personal vibration, creating GREATER energy & joy in your everyday!

After having thrived for decades at various high-level corporate and administrative functions, Carolyn transitioned herself to being a Subtle Energy Guide. This was not a quick or easy journey.

In addition to being a certified Master Practitioner of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), Time Line Therapy®, Hypnotherapy and NLP Coaching, Carolyn also has extensive experience in Tarot, Mysticism, Massotherapy, Intuition Development and Energy Work, to name just a few modalities that she plays in.

Besides her personal and professional work above, Carolyn is a Co-Director at the Essential Academy; a private, global, online community offering Ecosystems-as-a-Service to those looking to expand and shine their light even brighter.

Her background in Corporate Business, Competitive Sports as an Elite Athlete in her youth, and compassion as a Subtle Energy Guide shine through in all she does!Those who know her all attest to how peaceful and safe they feel around her and how very intuitive she is!

You can reach out to her directly at: [email protected]

CTO of The Essential Academy

Ryan Nabo

Frontend Developer - CTO of The Essential Academy

Ryan Nabo, is an incredibly talented Front-End Developer with a flair for beautifully written copywriting and visually stunning websites that The Essential Academy is blessed enough to have joined our Leadership Team in 2023!

He started his journey in 2017 after working as a Front-End Developer at TechBear. And then having worked in different roles like data entry, web research, and virtual assistance in different industries from 2008 to 2015 - so he is very well-rounded in the service offering. Being a business owner himself, Ryan understands the challenges entrepreneurs face in the digital world. That's why he's so passionate about empowering his clients to not only make visually appealing websites; but to also ensure they become effective marketing tools that attract and convert visitors into valuable leads and ultimately clients!

You can reach out to him directly at: [email protected]

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